Pacer2Swim” (Patent Pending) is an electronic device helping professional & amateur swimmers improve their swimming workouts  by providing an effective way for maintaining correct swimming paces.

Pacer2Swim complete overview

This “Pacer2Swim” equipment is the very fine result of years of experience in the electronic sports pacing scene that dates back to 1993 when the “GBK-Pacer” appeared. Years were spent perfectioning an equipment to be used to master the swimmers’ pace to perfection.

Instead of just making a product that solves the easy pacing requirements, such as moving a light back and forth inside a pool, this particular pacing equipment series has evolved from the very demanding minds of ex-swimmers all along. This is particularly true for its advanced and one-of-a-kind operation/correction possibilities (see lists below).

Not limited to swimming sports, this Pacer may also be easily transferred to athletics (running) and cycling (oval track), as well as a combination of the three sports, such as in biathle,  triathlon, penthatlon, etc. The aimed groups are athletes from these three sport types, as well as the adapted and masters athletes.



The “Pacer2Swim” uses a cable equiped with LEDs located on the bottom of the swimming pool to provide an immediate visual feedback to the swimmer about his correct position at all times and, therefore, indicates the correct pacing speed at all times as well. This position and related speed information is programmed by the coach or the swimmer himself, on the pacer console through intuitively guided menus.

Advanced workout methods allow to rapidly program a desired workout, while the unique advanced online pacing correction mechanisms allow to keep the pace always synchronized with the swimmer, therefore allowing for a constant maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, advanced instant pacer-correction mechanisms and a start-speaker with instant feedback display are unique in this equipment worldwide! All this allows the swimmer to master his pacing to perfection in virtually any situation imaginable!

VO2max research measurements and other studies have been the majority of applications. These require a very accurately kept pacing speed for results to be reliable. Click here to look up the places where the Pacer has been used already for this purpose.



The new “Pacer2Swim” equipment (Patent Pending) has been planned in such a way that it optimises the previous “GBK-Pacer” even further. Now it features an even smaller and lighter main programming console with an even more functional start-speaker roller with the complete lights lane rollable on it. A small and handy remote-control allows total freedom of movements of the coach during the pacing activities. Future upgrades such as start-pod sensors, finish sensors, real automatic race simulation start and finish timing, etc., are possible.

Carrying case with trolley

Carrying case for easy storage

Carrying case with trolley

Carrying case with trolley



- ultra-light weight console, roller and lane
- advanced keyboard for efficient actions at any time
- complete range of configurable workout methods hot_icon
- proven technology by over 40 scientific articles
- advanced roller with start-speaker and feedback display hot_icon
- extensive workout status feedback values on console
- mini-lane on console for immediate position feedback hot_icon
- complete range of worldwide unique correction mechanisms hot_icon
- handy remote control hot_icon
- ultra-portability with integrated 12h 3.6V/4000mAh battery hot_icon
- “plug&play” 25/50m lane (future lanes for running & cycling)



hot_icon CONSOLE: The Pacer2Swim console comes equipped with an advanced keyboard for efficient user actions at any time and without hassle. The console software features highly advanced and flexible workout methods: “NORMAL-SERIES”, “PROGRESSIVE”, “PYRAMID”, “BREAK-ON”, “FARTLEK”, “NEGATIVE-SPLIT”, “RACE”, “FMAP” , “T10/20/30″, “T1000/1500/2000″. It also features several details to make the Pacer2Swim an easily usable product:

- ultra-light weight
- ultra-portability with integrated 12h battery
- complete range of fully configurable workout methods
- alarm settings for certain distances and times
- configurable common settings for the workout methods:
“start-time”, “turn-speed”, “restart at top/bottom”,
“lane blinking”, “digits distance/time mode”,
“start/transition/rest beeps”, “status RGB LED”
- worldwide unique correction mechanisms
- RGB-LED for configurable pacing status indication
- Pacing workout settings memory for 99 workouts
- integrated 3-wise chronograph with lap/split memory
- integrated stroke-cycle counter and start-speed timer
- integrated textual help system
- automated firmware update through USB



hot_icon KEYBOARD: The Pacer2Swim comes equipped with a very advanced full-fledged custom keyboard, which allows the coach to operate this Pacer in a very easy and effective way:


- dedicated On/Off buttons
- dedicated ESC/OK buttons for direct menu/dialog actions
- digital rotational poti for menu navigation and value entry
- numeric keys for direct distance/timing value entries
- contextual help button for all menus and dialogs
- function-key for fast selection of a workout  from any point
- “tool” button for special workout and test tools
- 5 dedicated buttons for direct pacing action triggering
- 1 dedicated digital poti for “Catch & Go” correction action
- 26/51 mini-lane LEDs for 1:1 pacing position feedback
- replica of the start-horn’s RGB LED colour status feedback



hot_icon START-SPEAKER: The start-horn not only gives the start, transition and other warning tones as useful feedback to the swimmer and coach, but it also displays very useful pacing status information through the digits and LEDs:

- ultra-light weight roller with integrated info display
- easy way to roll up the entire 25/50m lights-lane
- powerful piezo horn for starts, warnings, transitions, etc.
- large and visible high-brightness 7-segment digits
- status RGB LED for coloured pacing status feedback
- upper 2 digits for current count, workout type, etc.
- lower 4 digits for current pacing distance or time
- 2 LEDs for indicating if lower 4 digits are distance or time
- integrated automatic lane diagnosis/test



hot_icon REMOTE-CONTROL: Very useful gadget for coaches to be able to operate the Pacer, while being at the side of the swimming-pool. Its functionality mimics all the buttons of the console’s keyboard for the normal pacing actions and for the worldwide unique correction mechanisms:

Remote“Start/Stop” (normally starting and stopping the pace)
“Start & Go” (synchronise the swimmer upon jumps)
“Turn & Go” (synchronise the swimmer upon turns)
“Catch & Go” (synchronise the swimmer anywhere)
“Lights-Off” (turn lights off temporarily while still pacing)
“Tools” (extra tools and horn activation)






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