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Lights’ cabling rolling instructions to keep your cabling healthy: download here!

General warnings and handling instructions: download here!

Pacer2Swim firmware updater for HW001* version [20140710S]: download here!

Pacer2Swim firmware updater for HW002* version [20140710S]: download here!

Pacer2Swim firmware history (enhancements/bugfixes): download here!

Pacer2Swim flyer+datasheet: download here: English, German

*) Check the hardware variant of your PACER by opening menu “MAIN HELP –> VERSIONS”.
Failing to comply will produce unexpected behaviour of the PACER hardware!!!

REPAIRS, UPDATES and TIPS: This equipment is relatively easy to repair, depending on the extend of the sustained damage. Even the lights’ cabling can be fairly easily repaired, if single lights are damaged or completely broken, although this cabling was made to sustain even some of the most damaging actions. If care is taken, this cabling can last a lifetime. Repair possibilities and related costs can be inquired here. Some tips to keep your cabling in perfect health, can be downloaded here as well.

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