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In this page you can view Images and Videos of the Pacer2Swim system.

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Video of the carrying case and initial connection



 Explanation on how to unroll the Pacer2Swim



Swimmer pace set by the Pacer2Swim



Example of console programming



 Explanation on how to roll the Pacer2Swim Light Lane




APTN Meeting2   APTN Meeting   Swimmer  

Pacer   Horn   Pacer2

Light3   Light2   Light


The next videos are of the previous version of the Pacer2Swim, the “GBK-Pacer”:

(direct VIDEO)


In the next two videos, the Pacer2Swim was used to aid in the testing of another equipment, you can see that the Pacer2Swim was used to help the swimmer keep the correct swimming pace:

(direct VIDEO)


(direct VIDEO)




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