Prices may include mandatory/legal VAT (23% where applicable, depending on the shipment destination) and come in European EURO. Shipment costs vary according to the destination. Renting possibility given through GRENKE (monthly payments depend upon chosen renting period). Please email us for more detailed information and detailed pro-forma invoices.

non-taxed renting **
Pacer2Swim for 25m 3.995 EUR 89 EUR/month
Pacer2Swim for 50m 4.995 EUR 111 EUR/month
Normal shipping (7-15 days)* 70-330 EUR*
Expedite shipping (3-8 days)* 110-480 EUR*
Insurance 30-40 EUR

* Effective shipping transit-time and costs depend on the final destination.
** Renting simulation though GRENKE leasing up to 60 months (present in all continents)
Included: control console, 25/50m lights-lane within start-horn roller, cables, remote-control, chargers.
Note: the 50m lights-lane version can also be used in a 25m pool (software configurable).


The package weights around 14Kg including the transport case whose dimensions are: 50(L)x26(W)x43(H). We ship under different IncoTerm modalities the customer/buyer may chose from. Please contact us for further possibilities. In either case, the customer/buyer always deals with local destination customs and pays for any douane and duty costs himself, if any.

  • IncoTerm “FCA” – We only get the PACER to the desired carrier or shipping site, which is provided by the customer/buyer who pays and organizes shipping/transport, insurance and any other procedure related to shippment/risk. All risk and responsibility of further actions is transferred to the customer/buyer or its representatives after unloading at the desired carrier or site. Our final invoice will contain only the PACER’s base price and possibly mandatory tax depending on the final destination.
  • IncoTerm “CIP” – We organize and pay for all procedures of shipping the PACER to the destination, including insurance. Transport risk is transferred to the carrier under its insurance policy. Our final invoice will contain the PACER’s base price and all costs involving shipping, insurance and possible exporter costs, as well as possibly mandatory tax depending on the final destination.


We accept the worldwide known , credit cards (within ) and ordinary bank transfers (IBAN/SWIFT) as payment. All payments are made in advance (prior to imminent shipping). Each sold Pacer is branded with the desired owner name. We will ask you for this information when making the order.



Buyers of this system are mainly Universities and Institutes seeking a robust and reliable PACER for their steady-speed VO2max research and tests to high-level competition swimmers, such as the following examples given herein below:



FADEUP – Faculdade de Desporto e Ed. Física da Univ. do Porto – Portugal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Swimming Biomechanics Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Fernandes
Prof. Dr. João Paulo Vilas-Boas


National Institute for Education – Singapore
Sports Biomechanics Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Tiago Barbosa


University of Queensland – Australia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Human Movement and Sports Science








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